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Laboratory Analysis

All samples are analyzed in accordance with national and international standards and methods. Sample collection is the responsibility of the customer. The customer should ensure that the sample brought for analysis is representative and an adequate amount of sample should be provided for a homogeneous study. If the sample is in powder form, it should be taken homogeneously and sent in a sealed bag weighing 300 - 400 g. If the sample is moist and moisture determination is required, it should be tightly sealed and sent to us in a way that ensures moisture does not escape.

The original analysis report and invoice are either mailed to the address or can be picked up in person if requested. Once the analysis fee is deposited into the specified account and the receipt is forwarded to the email address, the analysis begins.

For inquiries about other analyses, please contact us by phone or email.


We take into consideration the field needs of companies and provide support for the installation and assembly of products with a professional team in accordance with technological trends and standards. We also ensure the automation of core business processes and prepare common package equipment that can be used in all facilities.

Design and Project Management

Onurmaksan is committed to implementing all kinds of interactive projects in line with the needs of companies. We keep up with and research emerging media and industry/non-industry innovations worldwide. In line with requests from companies, we not only provide interactive solutions that meet their needs but also plan these solutions into projects with appropriate strategies and oversee the feasibility of proposed projects.


Our experts provide consulting and support services to private sector companies, intermediaries, and public entities. Our consultancy services not only address immediate needs but also assist in the creation and execution of longer-term strategies.

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