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Gemini Table

Gemini Table, also known as a precious metal table, works according to the specific gravity prince. Ideal for grain sizes between 30 micron and 2mm,

It is specially designed for precious metals such as Gold, Palladium, tantalum and copper.

It can maximize the concentration rate in the ore with its low energy consumption.

Thanks to the frequently installed mini valves, fine adjustment can be made in the water collector as you wish.

TS EN 12100: 2011, EN 60204-1 Machinery safety regulation and CE standard.


We have two types of production, Gemini Table laboratory type and Industrial type.


Technical detailsG150G450
Power0.37 kW1.1 kW

 For the video link ;


Laboratory type (mobile ship) as the most important advantage of the table as understood by the name of the mobile system can work with 12 V. Unlike industrial type tables with laboratory scales and de-assembled system on the field, in short, precious metal ore in short, taking it to wherever you think that You can use.

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